On Your Wavelength

A teaching pack for KS3 covering the RNLI's work and water safety.

Age: 11-18
Subject: PHSE, Citizenship, English

Description: On Your Wavelength is a multi-media resource comprising lesson plans, film clips, student activity sheets and an interactive map. This resource has been developed to support the teaching and learning of students aged 11-14 in areas of the curriculum and in the development of personal life skills.

Download the Teacher’s Guide below, containing teacher’s notes, curriculum links, 7 lesson plans and a peer-to-peer toolkit. Use the tabs below to find a range of exciting multi-media support materials.

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    Teacher's Guide

Support Materials

Lesson 1 - IT's your choice

This lesson looks at the growing popularity of the high-risk activity, tombstoning.  Learn about the risks and consequences of tombstoning, and how to deal with risky situations and peer pressure. 

You will need film clips 1 and 2, and the following resources:

Lesson 2 - Stay safe

Learn about possible risks and dangers at the beach and how to help yourself and others stay safe. Find out who can help in an emergency situation. Plan and prepare to be safe by the sea and other bodies of water.

You will need film clip 3 (parts 1 and 2), and the following resources:

Lesson 3 - Help is at hand

Find out what the RNLI is, what it does and how it depends on volunteers to run over 230 lifeboat stations and over 330 lifeboats. Learn about the qualities required to be an RNLI lifeboat crew member, and consider what makes a good team member. 

You will need film clip 4, and the following resources:

Lesson 4 - Making a difference

Learn about what volunteering opportunities exist, the benefits of volunteering and how  to encourage others to volunteer. 

You will need films 5 and 6, and the following resources:

Lesson 5 - Out on the water

Learn to recognise dangers around water.  Discover how careful planning and preparation can help people stay safe and prevent accidents.

You will need film 7, and the following resources:

lesson 6 - Actions and consequences

This lesson looks at how the decisions we make can impact others.  View a real life rescue situation and discuss the implications of one person’s decisions on a range of different people. 

You will need film 8, and the following resources:

Lesson 7 - Helping out

Learn about the role of a charity, and the importance of fundraising.  Design a product for use by a charity to raise funds.

You will need film 9, and the following resources:

Lesson 8 - Peer to peer

After completing one or more of the lesson plans from the On Your Wavelength resource, use this toolkit to support your students in evaluating their learning through creating a presentation to motivate others to get positively involved with the RNLI and its activities.

This toolkit aims to:

  • build on the learning and messages covered in Lesson plans 1–7 of the On Your Wavelength resource
  • encourage students to pass on information they have learnt about the RNLI, volunteering and water safety to their peers, family and external audiences
  • provide students with an opportunity to use a range of skills they will be able to use in other subjects in and outside the school environment 

You may like to use the following resources: