Free Wills Service

We have special schemes that enable you to update or make your Will for free, online, via phone or by visiting a solicitor.
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The schemes are intended for RNLI supporters, or their partners. You don’t have to include a gift to the RNLI in the Will you write, but we do hope you’ll consider it, after you’ve provided for your loved ones.

Here's how it works

Write your Will face to face with a solicitor:

  • if you would like to visit a solicitor, please fill in this form and tick the Free Wills Services box
  • our partner, the National Free Wills Network, sends you the names and addresses of at least two local firms of solicitors. We pay the National Free Wills Network a special rate for a local solicitor to write a simple Will and there is no cost to you
  • if your Will is more complicated you may be asked to pay an additional cost
  • you or your partner must be 55 or over.

Write your Will online:

  • if you prefer to write your Will online or by telephone, you can use our partner Bequeathed. You can start your online Will at any time in the comfort of your own home. It’s easy and convenient
  • the RNLI pay an annual fee to Bequeathed, so that you can write your Will for free
  • visit Bequeathed’s website and follow the onscreen instructions.
  • you start with an online interview, and help is available throughout the process. Once the system has generated your Will, you simply download it and follow the instructions to have it witnessed
  • if you need legal advice, just ask Bequeathed to refer you to one of their firms of solicitors: it's free to complete your will over the phone or you can agree a fee if you prefer face to face advice.
  • if you are based in Ireland or Scotland, we will refer you to the National Free Wills Network to write your Will.

Fill in this form and tick the free Wills services box to Contact our Gifts in Wills Team form

Why is it important to make a Will?

If you live with a partner you’re not married to, even if you have children together, you cannot inherit anything from their estate, and they cannot inherit anything from yours, unless you make your wishes known in a Will.

If you die without a Will, your estate will go to your blood relatives, and nothing to your partner. Our Free Wills Service is a good way to protect someone you love.

A lot of people include a gift in their Will to the RNLI while they are using this service. You don’t have to, but we do hope you’ll consider it. Remember, a gift of any size can be put to good use.

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