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Thank you for choosing to give to one of our charity appeals. Your generosity helps fund everything we need to save lives at sea, and we need your support now more than ever.

RNLI charity appeals give you the opportunity to choose a fundraising appeal you'd like to support. They can be fundraising appeals for individual lifeboat stations or certain areas of the RNLI's work. They can help fund specific needs such as crew training, crew kit, rescue equipment, lifeboats, new boathouses and station running costs. Or they can help raise general funds to be spent wherever the need is greatest.

Being a charity, our need for funds is constant. But there are times when that need becomes so great that we launch an urgent fundraising appeal. And, with our lifeboat crews being busier than ever at a time when income has gone done, right now is one of those times.

You can help us brave the storm

More and more people are visiting the coast and needing our help, and too many are still drowning. If our lifeboat crews have any hope of reaching everyone safely and in time, they need vital training, stations that are fit for purpose, protective kit, reliable equipment and the fastest lifeboats. These things make all the difference when lives are on the line.

You can help our lifeboat volunteers brave the storm by donating to our urgent fundraising appeal. Your gift, no matter how much, will make a lifesaving difference. Not only to the people we rescue and their loved ones, but to the crew and their families too.

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Save Our Severns – with your help, we can give the lifeboat a second life
Together we can Save Our Severns
Our biggest lifeboat needs your help. Your support will give her a new lease of life.
Donate to the appeal
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Smiling James Cooper, volunteer crew member at Salcombe lifeboat station and great grandson of Eddie Distin, one of only two survivors of the Salcombe lifeboat disaster in 1916.
Salcombe appeal - 150 years of lifesaving
Our community has been counting on them for 150 years. Can they count on you to ensure their lifesaving future?
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Blackpool’s D Class lifeboat being recovered from the water during a training exercise
Blackpool Lifeboat appeal
Will you join this busy, lifesaving community by helping our volunteers fund a new D class lifeboat?
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