What’s next for our Respect the Water campaign?

Thanks to the hard work of RNLI volunteers and staff members, our key Respect the Water campaign message of ‘float to live’ has been shared far and wide.
Respect the Water campaign

Photo: RNLI

The 'float to live' message will help to give members of the public the knowledge they need to keep themselves safe, and survive, if they find themselves in danger.

Mates save mates

While our core campaign message ‘Float to Live’ will still be promoted throughout the summer months, we are also developing a specific campaign that targets our teen audience and in particular, 16-24 year old men. This is because research has shown that there is a gap in understanding between what young men think is relevant to them and what statistics show us – that young men are most at risk from drowning.

This ‘mates save mates’ campaign will encourage and empower young men to save a friend’s life by sharing our float to live advice. We will be promoting the campaign across the RNLI’s social media channels and PR throughout August, which will include a national media moment early in the month, encouraging young men to share the float advice with their friends.

As well as this, to make sure that the float advice reaches the most at risk 16-24 year old group, we are also continuing our partnership with LadBible this year. They will be putting out co-created content on Facebook, Instagram, SportBible, Pretty52 and LadBible.com. We’ve worked closely with LadBible to produce social posts which will both deliver our float to live message, but also encourage their audience to share the message to save their mates. We will be able to share more information with you in a few weeks, so watch this space.

What’s happened so far for the Respect the Water campaign?

A few weeks after the campaign launched we shared some facts and figures about our campaign highlights, which you can see here

Now that we’re over a month into the campaign, we’re pleased to say that there have been some fantastic results already for the number of people who have heard about the Respect the Water campaign. Here are the latest highlights for you:  

  • In the UK, our Float the Live video has had 2.3 million full views across social media and a further 6.5 million full views on catch-up TV.
  • In Ireland, the Float to Live video has had 1.3 million full views on social media. This has been supported by an additional 7.2 million views across catch-up TV, online display adverts and Spotify.
  • On our own social media, we’ve had more than 1 million views of our Respect the Water videos and almost 20,000 people have shared these videos on their own social media.
  • The Respect the Water website has had 340,000 visitors, with over 13,000 on our ‘Roadblock’ day.
  • The Respect the Water campaign has also had 251 pieces of broadcast, print and online coverage. This includes The Daily Mirror and The Irish Examiner in Ireland and an interview with Joanne Wibberly (Lifeboat Operations Manager at Kinghorn Lifeboat Station) on BBC Two Scotland’s Timeline.  
  • BBC One shared BBC Breakfast’s Respect the Water video with their three million fans on Facebook.

We want to say a big thank you to everyone who is helping to make the Respect the Water campaign happen this year, and to all of you who have shared the lifesaving messages.