Give a #bravetag to someone you know

Courage can come in many forms, some people may be outwardly courageous and take part in the physical side of saving lives – perhaps as a crew member or a lifeguard – or they may speak up about something they struggle with, for instance a disability. Others may be inwardly courageous by facing their fears and learning to live with them.

We all know that the RNLI is full of courageous people, so why not take the opportunity to recognise them and tell others about their bravery on the Volunteer Facebook page, mention them on Twitter, or share a short video giving them recognition for their courage using the hashtag #bravetag. Have a look at the video below for some inspiration and to see some of your colleagues sharing who they think is brave. We look forward to seeing these in our Facebook group.

We’re also sharing this with a wider audience using the RNLI's main Facebook page and Twitter to encourage members of the public to talk about who they think is courageous, feel free share our messages on your social media channels.