Update on the St Helier Station investigation

On 6 April 2017 the RNLI asked our volunteer Coxswain at St Helier Lifeboat Station to stand down from his position due to serious breaches of the RNLI Volunteer Code of Conduct which is in line with the RNLI’s Problem Solving Policy. Andy Hibbs challenged the decision to stand him down and as a result, a review was undertaken.

St Helier All-weather Lifeboat

Photo: Nigel Millard

The outcome of a fair and comprehensive internal review has upheld Andy’s challenge.

The RNLI accepts these findings and has invited Andy Hibbs to return to the lifeboat station as volunteer Coxswain on condition that he signs and adheres to the RNLI Volunteer Code of Conduct, and Andy Hibbs has agreed to do this.

The investigation found that on a previous occasion, the RNLI did not meet the high standards of support and fairness that we expect and this contributed to the subsequent breakdown in relationships. Because of this, while the recent decision to stand down Andy Hibbs would ordinarily be justified, the review recognises that Andy Hibbs’ behaviour could be attributed to previous actions by the RNLI and upheld his challenge to the decision.

We would like to apologise to Andy Hibbs and reassure him, and the Jersey community, that we will be working hard to meet these standards in the future.

Mr Hibbs has in turn recognised that his behaviour has not always been in keeping with the RNLI’s expectations and has committed to adhering to the charity’s Volunteer Code of Conduct, just as we would expect from any of our volunteers.

We recognise that this has been a difficult time for all those involved. We will now focus on moving forward to rebuild relationships with the St Helier crew, the RNLI and the Jersey community and restore a safe, effective and inclusive local volunteer lifeboat service.

What next?

A staff crew have kept the St Helier all-weather lifeboat on service over the last couple of months and will continue to do so until Friday 7 July. To provide dedicated support in this transition period, we will be working with the States of Jersey to recruit a full-time Station Manager.