Lifeguards: Get your safeguarding check

As part of the safeguarding requirements of the RNLI, all lifeguards, senior lifeguards and lifeguard supervisors are required to have a current enhanced safeguarding check.
RNLI Lifeguard supervising surfers

Photo: Nathan Williams

If you’re in the UK:

We have requested that all seasonal lifeguards, senior lifeguards and supervisors in the UK sign up for the online update service. You can keep your certificate up-to-date online and it allows the RNLI to check it too. It will make things much simpler and quicker for you and us, as we can check the status of your certificate without you needing to complete any administration process. It also means that you only need to go through a full check every three years instead of every year.

You can join the update service with your certificate number, and you must do so within 30 calendar days of the date your certificate is issued (this is printed on the certificate). Alternatively, you can use your application reference number (the ‘form ref’ on your application form), which you must do within 28 calendar days from when your application is submitted.

If you have not signed up yet and are within the 28 or 30 day period, please do so immediately. It will cost £13 to register each year, and the RNLI will reimburse the fee. Your supervisor or area lifesaving manager can arrange this. You need to annually renew your subscription, which you can do by requesting automatic renewals or talking directly with The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

If you are already outside of the 28 or 30 day period, you will have missed the window to apply for the online update service. This means that if you return next season, you will be required to undertake another full check at your own cost of £44. This will be deducted from your salary as stated in your contract/casual working agreement.

If you’re outside the UK:

As the safeguarding bodies outside the UK do not offer an online update service, the RNLI will continue to pay for a full check each year.

Failure to complete the registration for the appropriate enhanced safeguarding check or registration for the online update service (UK) in a timely manner may also affect your future employment with the RNLI.

It’s important that everyone understands their responsibilities and the steps to take if you have any concerns for the wellbeing of a young person or vulnerable adult. For more information and resources about safeguarding at the RNLI, please click here.