Leesa Harwood resigns from the RNLI

Leesa Harwood, Community Lifesaving Director has resigned from the RNLI.
Leesa Harwood, Community Lifesaving Director

Photo: RNLI

Dear all, 

I’m sad to announce that after nine years, Leesa Harwood, Community Lifesaving Director has resigned from the RNLI. Leesa has decided to take time to focus more on non-work commitments. She will be working her full notice period of six months, fulfilling her role until 26 October 2018. 

I would like to thank Leesa for her dedication and the leadership she has shown over the last nine years. She has been instrumental in driving some brave decisions, such as pushing us to be the first charity to move to Opt In and the merger of fundraising and operations into what we now know as Community Lifesaving. These decisions have set us up for success in the 21st century. 

Leesa says; ‘My time here has been rewarding, humbling and fulfilling. It has been an absolute privilege to work with such an incredible team of staff and volunteers here at the RNLI and to have been able to add value to this very special charity. Now though, commitments outside work mean that I can no longer give the time and energy that this role demands and after nine years at the RNLI, it is time to move on.’ 

I realise that this news comes at a time when we are focusing on fixing issues and addressing concerns that affect our lifesaving service, particularly within CLS, and some of you may find it quite unsettling. However, I want to reassure you that it’s my priority to keep things as steady as possible for all Community Lifesaving teams and volunteers over the coming months. 

With Leesa remaining in post until the autumn and some new members of her leadership team already making a big difference, my focus will be to bring in a new Director who can build on the work that Leesa has started, and who has the expertise, experience and leadership capability to lead this absolutely critical part of the RNLI strongly into the future. 

I will shortly be starting a robust and transparent recruitment process to find a new Community Lifesaving Director so that we can make sure we find the right person and have enough time for Leesa to hand over the reins properly. I will keep you informed about this over the coming weeks.
Yours sincerely, 
Paul Boissier 
Chief Executive