Inclusion and Diversity Leadership Group – Vacancy

The RNLI’s I&D Leadership Group is looking for a new member, and to maintain diversity we’re interested in hearing from a female who has a passion for the group’s focus.
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The I&D Leadership Group has now been in place for just over a year. It is made up of staff and volunteers from around the organisation and its role is to help develop a culture at the RNLI that is inclusive and values diversity. 

The group is currently recruiting to replace a member who recently left the organisation for an exciting new role. As it was originally formed with a desire to represent as many facets of diversity as possible, it is important that we maintain that diversity in recruiting for the replacement.

Therefore, in order to maintain the gender balance that we currently have, I would be very interested to hear from a female who has a passion for the group’s focus.

If you are interested, please take a look at the Q&A below, as well as the role description, and do not hesitate to give me a call if you’d like to discuss this opportunity in more depth. 

Sue Kingswood, I&D Advisor  01202 663338 (internal ext 3338)  

What does this role involve?

You will help decide what the priorities for the I&D programme should be, set goals, track progress and celebrate achievements. Please see our proposed plan in the supporting documents. You would also be expected to promote I&D wherever you can and always role model inclusive behaviours.

How much time would I need to dedicate to this?

We anticipate that you would need to commit an average of two hours a week to this role. This would include attending 3 I&D Leadership Group meetings at various RNLI locations, joining a number of hour-long lync calls throughout the year, as well as becoming involved in other I&D events. You’d also need to support I&D activities that the teams in your area are working on.

Am I the right person?

Are you open-minded and non-judgmental? Are you respectful of others and their views – no matter how different they might be to yours, and are you equally comfortable challenging others as you are being challenged yourself? You should also be happy to challenge your own thinking.

How to apply?

You can find details of the role here. If you want to apply, please submit a short statement outlining why you are interested in being part of the I&D Leadership Group and what you would bring to the role. Alternatively, if you feel that you would be disadvantaged by applying in this way, please contact Sue Kingswood to arrange a time to discuss your statement in person. You need to apply no later than Monday 6 March.

Applications will be shortlisted and the remaining candidates will take part in an informal interview, either in person or via telephone, shortly after this date.