Help us improve how we care for our supporters

Our aim is to improve our process to ensure supporters get the right help quickly. We’re trialling a new approach for 12 months.
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Nathan Williams

The RNLI touches people’s lives in many ways and following a rescue or incident, we often build relationships with those involved, their family or friends. So that we can look after these new supporters in the best way, we want to make sure we make it easy for them to connect with the right people or team from the beginning.

Members of the public can make contact with the RNLI in numerous ways, for example through a local lifeboat station, a fundraiser or by calling the College reception. Because there are many different contact points, on occasion, supporters are passed from one team to another before being dealt with and are waiting too long to be contacted by us.

Our aim is to improve this process by ensuring supporters get the right help quickly. We’re trialling a new approach for 12 months.

New process

The main difference is that anyone contacting the RNLI proactively following a rescue or life lost should be passed to the Supporter Care Team, specifically the In Memoriam Administration Team run by Jeremy Cronin.  The team is specially trained to deal sensitively and compassionately with the supporter, no matter what the situation. Once initial contact is established, the team may then bring in other teams or individuals in the RNLI.

What you can do to help

Please share this guidance with your team and ensure they have the Supporter Care contact details:

If you have any questions about this trial please contact Carla Lord, Supporter Experience Manager at or on 01202 336026