Emergency services on high alert at the moment

It’s been an emotional week following the attack in Manchester and our hearts go out to all the families who have been affected.

You may now be aware from the news that the threat level from terrorism has been raised  to ‘critical’ and be wondering what we’re doing to maintain a state of readiness and operational preparedness during this period.

Whilst there are no specific or known threats, we advise that all staff and volunteers to be vigilant in being aware of planned public events in their local areas and crowded places. 

Here’s some advice we would like to give to all our staff and volunteers during this time:

  • Enhanced situational awareness (operations) – to all our crew at all times when afloat and especially when launched on service, consider the broader picture and be cautious where there are a large numbers of people present.  Normal operating procedures apply and please communicate with and be guided by the Coastguard (and Police). If in any doubt at any point, withdraw to a place of safety and stay in constant contact with the Coastguard.
  • Facilities – Adhere to existing procedures to maintain the security of buildings, which includes the carrying and appropriate checking of identification.
  • Generally – please be cautious and extra vigilant when moving around in public areas, using public transport and in areas where there are big tourist attractions and large crowds of people. In situations where RNLI branded clothing could link you directly to other emergency services this may increase risk and you may wish to consider the appropriateness, in particular when travelling to and from places of work.

The national advice in the rare event of a firearms or weapons attack is

  • RUN to a place of safety
  • HIDE rather than confront
  • TELL the police

We don’t intend this guidance to alarm you, but hope it is useful. Please also share this guidance with your friends and families.