Could you be an RNLI Council Member?

The RNLI is seeking to recruit new members to our Council – a key governing body within the organisation.
A montage of RNLI volunteers

Photo: Nigel Millard

The Council provides a wealth of experience and expertise to support the running of the RNLI. Council Members advise and assist our decision-making body, the RNLI Trustee Board, and act as important ambassadors for our lifesaving cause. They also provide an invaluable source of expertise, help and advice for staff in developing new ideas and delivering our objectives across a range of areas.

It’s important to make sure the Council is a diverse and experienced community made up of people from a variety of backgrounds, industries and interests. And equally it should reflect the communities we serve and operate within.

Our volunteers and supporters have a wealth of experience, expertise and insight that is invaluable to the RNLI. Therefore we want to draw on this expertise and ensure it’s represented in our senior governing bodies.

We’re encouraging volunteers and supporters to find out more about these voluntary opportunities and consider if they would be suitable for this type of role. Perhaps you’ve worked or volunteered alongside some individuals you think would be a great candidate, or maybe you’re a volunteer and would like to find out a bit more about what being a Council Member involves?

If you would like to find out more or have an informal chat initially, please get in touch by visiting our 'be a volunteer trustee' page here.