Anti-Social Behaviour: Your views are needed

Anti-social behaviour towards RNLI people and property is on the increase. To find out more about any anti-social behaviour people have seen or experienced, we would like you to complete this short survey.
The words Anti-social behaviour stamped in big red letters on a white background

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Anti-social behaviour towards RNLI people and property is on the increase. This can include verbal or sometimes physical abuse of our staff and volunteers, or vandalism and theft at our properties.

This clearly is not something that should be tolerated. The safety and wellbeing of our volunteers and staff is our priority, and this type of behaviour can cause significant distress. There is often a cost to the organisation too, for example, the time and money it takes to paint over graffiti, fix damage or replace stolen items.

However it has become apparent that not all cases of anti-social behaviour are being reported to the RNLI. Maybe people are fixing damage themselves, or don’t feel that what they’ve experienced is significant enough to report. Many people don’t know they need to report it. 

It’s really important however that we understand the scale of the problem so we can address it effectively. We also want to make sure that everyone knows how to report anti-social behaviour.

What do we need you to do?

The first step therefore is to find out what types of anti-social behaviour RNLI people have seen or experienced while in their role. To do this, we would like everyone to complete this short survey. It will only take a couple of minutes and will be completely anonymous. 

Anti-social behaviour survey

Please also encourage your colleagues to complete this.  Even if you haven’t experienced or witnessed anti-social behaviour yourself, we would still like your views.

What’s next?

We want to make sure everyone knows what anti-social behaviour is, and how to report it if they experience it or witness it. The results of the survey will help us get this right, so once the survey’s closed, look out for more information.